Collaborative Underwater Robots for Offshore Industry

Friday, 23 June 2017

Today, DTU inaugurates a laboratory where researchers will complete a modular robot for use in e.g. offshore wind turbine platforms. The robot will be used for inspection, and the long-term vision is that it will be able to carry out underwater repairs on foundations and rigs.

DolWin2 Offshore Wind Link Commissioned in North Sea

Friday, 16 June 2017

The Dutch-German transmission operator TenneT now has control of the new 916-MW DolWin2 offshore wind link in the North Sea. ABB yesterday said that it commissioned DolWin2 and handed it over to TenneT.

Tokyo May Soon Get Wind Power From Asia Super Grids

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

The lights of the high-end boutiques and bars of Tokyo’s Ginza neighborhood may someday be powered by wind farms or coal burned more than 1,700 miles away (2,700 kilometers) in Mongolia, electricity zipping over ultra-high voltage lines across deserts and under seas.

May's Bid to Keep UK Lights on Harder After Election Loss

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

The U.K.’s search for 100 billion pounds (US$127 billion) to maintain electricity supplies is likely to become tougher after the Conservative government lost its parliamentary majority in an election last week.

A High-Water Mark for the Global Wind Industry?

Monday, 12 June 2017

Will 2015 be the high-water mark for annual global wind installations? We recently compiled our data for 2016 in our annual World Wind Energy Market Update 2017 report, finding that—while an enormous amount of wind turbine capacity was installed (over 54.3 GW), this was a 14 percent annual decrease from the over 63.1 GW installed the year before.

Ten Clean Energy Stocks For 2017: First Quarter Earnings

Thursday, 08 June 2017

In the two months since the last update, most of the stocks in my Ten Clean Energy Stocks model portfolio have reported first quarter earnings. There were few surprises, and those were mostly pleasant ones, allowing the model portfolio to add to its gains, and pull a little farther ahead of its benchmark.