Morgan Stanley and Citi Say They Will Run on 100 Percent Clean Energy

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Morgan Stanley and Citigroup Inc. announced they will get all of their energy from renewables in a few years, another show of corporate support for climate action running counter to U.S. President Donald Trump’s view on the issue.

International Trade Commission To Rule on the Section 201 Solar Trade Case

Thursday, 21 September 2017

On September 22, 2017, the International Trade Commission is set to make a decision on an important case for the solar industry. I talked with Bracewell Policy Resolution Group Energy Expert, Frank Maisano who is also a spokesperson for the Energy Trade Action Coalition about the possible outcomes of the case. 

Listen Up: Roof Attachment Products for Solar — Key Considerations

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

With much higher volume manufacturing, prices for solar panels have come down tremendously over the past 20 years — from about $1,000 each to less than $200. But solar panels are still very time consuming to install on a roof in a way that will last 25+ years without leaks. The majority of this rooftop work is on the flashings, roof hooks, and special roof mount components.

Leonardo DiCaprio Gives $20M to Climate-focused Organizations

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

On Tuesday, September 19 at Yale University, Leonardo DiCaprio announced that his foundation was providing $20M in a portfolio of grants to more than 100 organizations working to preserve habitats, defend indigenous rights and support innovative grassroots efforts aimed at combatting climate change and solving complex environmental issues. 

Notes from the Solar Underground: From Idea through to the End, the Lifecycle of a Trend

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

There are few original ideas for new technologies, products and/or services. Most of what is termed new is a mutation of an idea, which itself is a mutation of an idea all the way back to the original discovery or light bulb moment. Basically, there is not much that is new, or, put another way, that deserves to be called new. 

Why There’s Room for Competition in Home Solar Loans

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

When a group of clean energy enthusiasts wanted to find better options for people to install clean energy solutions in their homes, buy electric vehicles and invest in clean energy, they thought about starting a green bank, but Blake Jones of Colorado-based Namaste Solar says they decided to start a credit union instead.

Who is Leading the Smart City Revolution?

Monday, 18 September 2017

It seems like every time you turn around, another company, utility, municipality or institution announces some sort of "smart" initiative. In July, Xcel Energy and Panasonic announced a collaboration with the National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL) and others to study a potential carbon-neutral energy district master plan for Peña Station NEXT smart city development in Denver, Colorado...

Tracking the Rise of the Off-Grid Energy Storage Market

Thursday, 14 September 2017

The image that "off-grid" solar conjures of small cabins or individual solar home systems is outdated in today's world. es, it’s true, off-grid storage applications do include remote homes and even remote communities in some of world’s developing regions, but off-grid solar makes possible a wide range of applications from residential to commercial, and continues on a path of rapid growth.

Is the DOE Really in Love with all of the Above?

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Is it going out on a limb to say this part is saying “renewables should not get special treatment above other sources?” The DOE report went on to point out that variable resources require baseload generation as a frequency smoothing backup while the wind isn’t blowing or the sun isn’t shining.